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Company Profile

Bond Street Group Inc. is a privately held, multi dimensional Diamond Manufacturing and Gemstone production company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Bond Street Group Inc. has evolved into a vertical entity with associate offices throughout the globe.

Operating in various capacities ranging from Mining Production, Rough and Polished Loose Stone Sales and Finished Merchandise. Having one of the larger inventories and networks BSG can facilitate your brilliance with accountability, integrity and cost efficiency.

Setting trends and maintaing the highest industry standards. Having operated several diamond-cutting factories in the Africa's and adhering to the highest international standards. Bond Street Group Inc. is a proud participant in the Kimberly Process and implementation of Kimberly Standards.

We bring together experts and expertise from around the world to fulfil your jewellery replacement needs. We have decades of diamond expertise from South Africa, and a decade of involvement in Canadian Diamonds. Our skilled service team will provide diamond, gemstone, jewellery, and valuation expertise from Canada, Australia, and South Africa.


Bond Street Group INC.
55 Queen St East, Suite 707
Toronto, Ontario, M5C 1R6
P.416.866.8821. F.416.866.8121